Sunday, November 9, 2014

God says "I got this!"

Well, alot has changed since the last post in May but one thing holds strong. The lesson God is trying to teach me. He has shown me and told me over and over... "I got this!" Our whole adoption journey has had many bumps but God kept saying "Kathi, I got this!" Even now, He screams this at my deaf, worrying ears! I try so hard to remember this when things are tough.  I am getting better at it but still sometimes forget. So God started using Liberty to show me... God's got this!
Liberty has started school and she is just a miracle child, I swear!
Her dad and I were very nervous about her starting school, about who her teacher was going to be & if she could handle it, both socially and emotionally. There were so many fears we all were facing.  We decided to meet with the school staff to explain our fears, Liberty's challenges and to see if there was anything we could do to prepare Liberty, us and the staff for this journey.
The school was wonderful and took all of our concerns to heart, gave us some ideas to prepare her and get her started with extra help she might need and really helped us to understand they were on our side to help Liberty reach success.
The day had come and we had prayed long and hard that God would give Liberty the teachers and friends that she needed to flourish. The Lord answered our prayers!! She has a wonderful group of teachers that just love our little girl as much as we do. They all look out for her and give her the loving she needs while she is with them during the day. Mr. Ron on the morning bus, Mrs. Richardson (her teacher), Mrs. Palicki (her PE teacher), Mrs. Saindon (her speech teacher), Mrs. Wenzel (her math teacher), Mr. Emerson (her principal who she adores!), and Mr. Bob on the afternoon bus are all exactly what she needed! She just had her first report card and is doing so great!!  None of her teachers believe me when I say she has only been here 18 months.  Of course, she has a few issues with some things but hey! When we think of where she was 18 months ago.... We can only smile. :)
As always, I had been worrying about everything for no reason!  As we were driving over to school the first day, I could see it on Liberty's face. She was saying "I got this!" and she surely does!

She has been enjoying music class with Ms. LeighAnn at King Music. They had a Halloween recital where the kids has to make up their own song. She made hers about her family. It was so sweet and touched our hearts! The kids got to wear their halloween costumes. Liberty was "The Statue of Liberty"! I figured it was the only year she would think that was cool!

She had her check-up with the cardiologist and all is well with her heart! Yay!! Its so funny because she is such a go-getter we sometimes forget she has a heart condition. When the time comes to have her check-up, we start getting nervous. But once again, God says "I got this!"

This month is National Adoption Month. I think about all of the 153 million orphans who are still waiting for their families and my heart breaks for them. My prayer has always been if our adoption story helps even one family to choose to adopt, We will keep sharing it!

Prayers to all of the little ones waiting to be adopted.
Prayers to all of the mothers and fathers who have chosen adoption for their little ones.
Prayers for all the families that have adopted even though it's tough, trying, tiring, heart-breaking, and WONDERFUL all at once.
Prayers for all of the adopted because the process is most definitely more difficult for them than it is for us.

Thank you, Lord for choosing us to parent Liberty Jane-YiRun.... The most important little girl in our lives!
And Lord, I know... YOU GOT THIS! :)